About us


So, how exactly doyoumake a difference?

All charity organisations rely on you, the donor, to fulfil our pledges and help those in need.
UTA is no different, however we believe, that as a donor, you should have control over who you donate to and how much. This is why we have set up a voucher system.
A voucher works in a very similar way to a cheque, the main difference being that UTA takes the place of your bank. Typically a donor will set up an account with us complete with monthly statements and online access and then receive voucher books in return (with only a minimal charge to cover overheads). These all have unique serial numbers, as does every voucher you give, making it a simple task for UTA, and yourself, to keep track of. Then you, the donor, can gift these vouchers to your choice recipients, whether individuals orestablishments, who then redeem them at our organisation. When necessary, we carry out extensive research to make sure that the charity cause you have donated to is a legitimate one, allowing you to rest easy.

Additionally, UTA will launch fundraising campaigns, the aim of which is to attract large donations. This funding is necessary to augment emergency appeals when necessary.

UTA is a grant making charity which awards grant bursaries to many institutions. This can include scholastic, research or medical foundations etc. This can easily run in the tens of million.

When donating to UTA you can make every £1 you give – or have given – worth 25p more, just by notifying us. This is because the government’s Gift Aid scheme allows us to reclaim your tax on donations. This means that you can make an even bigger difference at no extra cost to you!