About Us

Put simply, UTA is a UK based charity which provides relief for the needy and has done so for 30 years.

However, we are so much more than that.


UTA’s aim is to provide relief wherever it is needed and at every possible level. Whether; underprivileged individuals, vulnerable institutions or communities at risk of losing their identity.


We have established a reputation of excellence with our donors because of the high standard of services provided, this has enables us to spend £15.27m in 2016 alone.


  • UTA is all about supporting the disadvantaged and enabling those less fortunate by providing financial assistance for basic amenities.
  • Our mission is to empower our recipients so that they can experience happiness, fulfilment and true quality of life. This is done in part by facilitating their involvement in community life.
  • Our objective is to provide a brighter future and help break the cycle of poverty once and for all so that they no longer need to depend on others for financial aid. We do this by ensuring that all children are primed for the education they require and deserve and that they have access to vital life skills coaching.


It is estimated that almost 13 million people are currently living in poverty in the UK, that is 20% of the entire population. This has a severe impact on education, health and social stability and that is why UTA was set up all those years ago.



UTA’s goal is to create a brighter future and provide security for future generations. We do this in a number of ways;


  1. UTA operates a voucher system which allows the donor to connect directly with the recipient so that you are in control of where your money is going. Voucher books are a form of currency, rather like a chequebook, which the recipient can redeem via UTA. The denominations of the vouchers vary and the donor is able to make the decision when and how much to donate. We are also able reclaim tax on every donation that you give under the government’s Gift Aid scheme, this means that your contribution goes even further.
  2. We also have donations on appeal. These are typically larger sums which can then be used to provide much needed aid in more dire circumstances where larger donations are urgently required, such as emergency healthcare or scholarships.
  3. Additionally, UTA provides grants to charity organisations which are struggling to get the funding required for their vital services.


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