2.34 million people are currently classed as unemployed in the UK. For many of them it is the education system that has let them down. The lower a young adult’s qualifications, the more likely they are to be lacking but wanting paid work. And with a fast growing population, this is a problem that is not going away.

UTA helps developing school, providing financial assistance from the ground up. We provide funding to cover daily running costs in order to enable these schools to reach their full potential. We also provide grants to specifically aid children who have been statemented or require extra assistance. Children with learning and social difficulties will find it difficult to learn new life skills. Our aim is to facilitate their growth into adulthood, providing them with the tools they need in order to live productive and fulfilling lives.

At a higher level, UTA provides grants for apprenticeships and scholarships, giving young people the chance to create a future for themselves. Teaching young people vital skills enables them to fill a niche in the workforce as well as giving them financial stability.

We also provide funding to support faith schools; we believe that everyone has a right to freedom of religion. Current statistics show that approximately 1/3 of state-funded schools are religious or faith schools and that nearly ¼ of pupils attend such schools.

Another area of focus for UTA is schools for special needs children. The running costs for establishments such as these are astronomically high and they are forced to rely heavily on charitable funding.


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