All families will at one time or other face difficult and challenging concerns whether emotional, financial or mental health issues. Sometimes these problems can become overwhelming and outside assistance is required. Through funding UTA aims to prevent and halt the sometimes inevitable cycle of damage that can occur when the proper help is not provided.

Parents from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds often find it difficult to create and maintain a healthy and stable environment for their children. In fact, research shows that domestic abuse is directly linked to poverty as is poor health. This is why UTA funds programs that support vulnerable parents and innocent children enabling them to break this detrimental cycle. These services include intensive family support, specialist therapeutic work, conflict management and relationship support.

Financial hardship is a very real and pressing issue for thousands of families in the UK and has a huge impact on familial well-being. Sometimes this can mean having to decide between eating dinner, putting the heating on at night or giving your child an opportunity to go on a class trip. Funding organisations that help put food on the table and provide warm clothes for children to wear means that families can work through larger issues facing them such as employment, housing and health.

Another important factor affecting families is mental health issues. One in four of us will be affected by mental illness in any year and this can have a massive impact on our children. UTA provides funding for specialist mental health and wellbeing services which work not only with the individual directly affected but also with their children and whole families.


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